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For the absolute highest quality drywall repairs in the valley, give me a call.  I pride myself on getting your repair done Quicker, and better than anyone in the valley.  I have been in construction most of my life, well over 30 yrs, and have done drywall work for about 1/2 of that time, or more.  And out of that I did nothing but drywall repairs in homes in Aspen & Snowmass for 7 years before moving back to Grand Jct in 2004.  I'm a 1979 graduate of FMHS and long time resident of the valley.  Here's a few of the reasons to Choose us for your next Drywall repair, or remodeling project-

Professional service

Clean - We leave your home clean when we leave and cover furnishing and such with plastic and drop cloths as well as cleaning up when we leave.

Expert Repairs - Our repairs are often impossible or very difficult to see after they've been painted

Texture Matching - We can match any texture out there or create a new one for you

Popcorn Ceiling Removal -We can remove your popcorn ceiling and replace it with a custom texture, like the ones shown on our website.

Reliable - We won't promise to show and leave you waiting or not show at all.

Fast - I can do most small repairs in 1 day or less instead of coming back for 3-4 days like most repair guys.

Skilled - I'm NOT just a handyman who will do a lousy job, take days to complete and leave you unhappy. Drywall repair takes YEARS of experience to get even decent at.  I'm MUCH better than any handyman out there so don't take a chance on a poor job like the one on the right, just to save a few dollars.

Honest- I won't make up charges at the end just to get more money out of you.  I charge a fair price, but I'm not as cheap as a handyman.  But you DO get what you pay for.

Versatile - I can also do many other of your job requirements from framing to painting, and I do them just as well since I'm very picky about my work.  We also run Knotty Boyz Construction.  You can view more about that side of our business at:

For more details, and photos of our work, sample textures, etc, visit our website at:
Or call my wife Carla at: 970-639-2604
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Guy & Carla Purcella, Owners, Mr Patch Drywall